Parents Beyond Breakup

Parents Beyond Breakup is a specialised suicide prevention charity. Each year, we help thousands of parents deal with the trauma of separation; a major cause of suicide in Australia.

Separating men in particular, make up one of the largest definable groups who take their lives each year. That's where we focus.

We believe every child deserves the best possible start in life; so we work hard to keep separated dads alive and in their kids lives. Mums too. Parents Beyond Breakup is the registered charity behind front line support service Dads in Distress and Mums in Distress.

It's our 20th birthday!

Check out how we intend to make the next 20 even better.

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Dads in Distress

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Tell us your dad story

As part of our #dadsalive campaign to reduce separated dad suicide, we're featuring non custodial dad stories to help the public better understand the issues, and also the stories of the women in their lives that love them; be that daughters, sisters, new partners or grandmothers. We want to hear from you, to hear and to feature your story.

Read the stories here or tell us yours.


With immediate effect, all 'in person' meetings around Australia are temporarily suspended.

We had planned for this and we're ready - we've gone online!

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