Raise awareness

Awareness of DadsAlive!

The world is interconnected.

Bacon's law says that there are only six degrees of separation between any two people.

Who you know and who they know in turn can, and does in this case, save lives.

Speak up and let others know. It's that simple. Thats all it takes. Here are a few ideas.

Support us on social media

    • This is where most people that find us, say they find us. So let's use that to get the word spread further afield. Follow us, like us, share us

    • We're on Facebook (@dadsindistress)

    • We're on Twitter (@pbbcharity)

    • We're on LinkedIn (great way to reach professional dads and get corporate awareness going)

    • Share our 20th anniversary promo video!

Add us to your support listings

    • If you're an HR dept, a related support agency, have a corporate intranet or similar, you can list us

    • Use: (1) www.dids.org.au, (2) Tel. 1300 853437, (3) helpline@parentsbeyondbreakup.com, (4) Tagline: 'Keeping dads alive and in their kids lives'

Display a poster (or cards/leaflets)

    • In your shop, school, workplace, community hall, GP's waiting room, notice boards, mall elevators etc...

    • Great places are where men go. e.g. barbers, mens loo's, male frequented waiting areas (e.g. auto garages etc.)

    • Download our A4 poster here, print and pop up

    • For cards and leaflets, drop us a line and we'll get them sent to you.

Run an awareness / fundraiser event

    • Let us know about it and we'll help publicise it

    • Use our 'Dads in Distress' or 'Parents Beyond Breakup' logos on your materials / posters etc... (see them below)

    • Share that we are a national registered suicide prevention charity: ABN 30 606 982 343

    • Great ideas over the years have included (1) sausage sizzlers, (2) matching dad/kid 'airbrush' tattoo's, (3) car shows, (4) RSL raffles, (5) office bakes, (6) shop collection tins, (7) buy a second [coffee/lunch/other] and donate the extra, (8) donate a days proceedings [mens hairdressers is common], (9) donate goods or services to be auctioned

    • Great days to do this include (1) Fathers Day, 1st Sun of Sep, (2) International Mens Day, 19th Nov, (3) International Suicide Prevention Day, 10th Sep

    • Here's a great example from Fathers day 2019 at the Rockingham Centre, WA.

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  • Is there someone else at your work that needs to be kept up to speed?

  • Is there a local support agency or referral organisation that needs to know?

  • Subscribe yourself or someone else using the form at the base of our home page. Rest assured, we don't spam.

  • A key way to get people to be aware of local support, is to subscribe local referral agencies to us (e.g. legal aid offices, lawyers, social workers, helplines etc...)

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parentsbeyondbreakup.com / Parents Beyond Breakup (national parent charity)

dids.org.au / Dads in Distress webpage shortcut (frontline support service)

mids.org.au / Mums in Distress webpage shortcut (frontline support service)

dadsalive.org / Campaign to raise awareness of suicide associated with separating dads

How do people get support?

Visit our support options page

Why donate to us?

If you share our aim to reduce suicide, we likely offer the best bang for your buck. You'll find more detail here.